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Rules & Regulations

Because Ailidae Dogs are a closed species, each one comes with a specific set of rules and guidelines for transferring your Ailidae if you no longer connect with them! If you are found in violation of these rules more than once, you may be barred from future sales.

Questions about the Rules?

Contact Pigeon with any clarifying questions about the rules listed here! 


No longer feel connected to your Ailidae?

No problem! We completely understand. Ailidae dogs are able to be traded, resold, and gifted so long as you follow the steps listed below.

Step One: Contact Pigeon

In order to keep the Masterlist well-maintained and updated, you must acquire permission from Pigeon prior to any change in hand.

Step Two: List Your Ailidae

Once you've obtained permission, you're free to post your Ailidae for sale, trade, or other, wherever you find most convenient for you. Please be sure to link back to this page when transferring your Ailidae, so new owners may be aware of the rules.

Step Three: Notify Us of the New Owner

Once your Ailidae has reached their new home, all you have left to do is let Pigeon or Chim know.



Ailidae are currently only created by Onlyhalfpigeon and C-Chimera. If you come across anyone else making Ailidae Dogs, contact us.


MYO (Make Your Own) Ailidae are not available at this time. They will likely not be offered, due to the species being a personal project for both Pigeon and Chim.


Customs are not publicly offered for Ailidae Dogs yet, but are a possibility for the future. Pigeon and Chim both accept custom commissions through their respective Patreons and/or private inquiry.

Pre-Made Sales

Pre-made sales are the most common ways to purchase new Ailidae. Pigeon and Chim both hold semi-regular sales of Ailidae Dogs, which are frequently posted to their personal accounts, Toyhouse, and Patreon.


Interested in breeding your Ailidae?

Unfortunately, Ailidae Dogs may not be bred at this time under any circumstances. This applies to all past, present, and future Ailidae created. 

Why do I see Ailidae from a Litter?

In 2014, the two original Ailidae (Bastille & Icarus) were bred and had a litter of 9. This reproduction was done before the rules against breeding were in place, but applies to each character and all of the offspring. Similarly, this litter was prior to the legitimizing of the species, and thus many of the pups were not created by Pigeon or Chim. These are the only exceptions to these rules.

Design changes

Making Edits to your Ailidae

Design changes are completely acceptable for Ailidae Dogs so long as they continue to comply with the species standards listed on the site. Approval of any design changes is required from Pigeon or Chim. Any revamped designs must be recognizable as the original design. If they look to be two separate characters then the revamp will not be approved.

Changing Species

If you're no longer interested in owning an Ailidae Dog and would like to repurpose the design to a new species, you are welcome to do so. Please notify Pigeon if this is the case! Your character will still exist as an official Ailidae even though you're not using it. You may not sell the "new"  design and the original Ailidae separately.

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