Frequently asked questions

Want quick answers to some of our most-received questions? Here on the FAQ page we've filled out some information to help you out if you've got some common questions.

How do I get an Ailidae?

Ailidae are most frequently sold on an individual basis, as well as included in mass-sales hosted by Pigeon or Chim. You can follow either on DeviantART to keep see when Ailidae are posted, or follow the DA Group for other updates. Pigeon also frequently gives members of their Patreon first-dibs or early-access to their Ailidae sales. 

Can pre-existing designs be revamped into Ailidae?

Pre-existing designs or characters you already own, of any species, cannot be revamped or turned into Ailidae Dogs. 

Can I sell my Ailidae?

Selling or rehoming of Ailidae Dogs is allowed, but requires permission beforehand from Pigeon or Chim (whichever is the original creator) beforehand. This also applies to trading or gifting Ailidae. Once you've transferred your Ailidae, let Pigeon know or fill out this transfer form so the masterlist can be properly updated.

Can I make an Ailidae?

No. Ailidae are only allowed to be created by the owners of the species at this time, Chim and Pigeon. If you see anyone creating Ailidae Dogs, please report to either of them immediately, as they are the only ones authorized to do so. 

Can I get a Custom Ailidae?

At this time, Chim only offers customs via personal selection and Pigeon only offers customs to members of their Patreon. This may change in the future, but for now these are the only available options for ordering a custom Ailidae.

Can I breed my Ailidae?

Breeding Ailidae is not permitted at this time under any circumstances. This applies to all past, present, and future Ailidae.

Do Ailidae shed their antlers seasonally?

Ailidae often shed their antlers with the changing of the season. This is not always the case, as some gene strands grew out of the shedding phase. Whether or not your Ailidae sheds their antlers is up to you!