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Species Lore

Here is the history and information of the Ailidae species and world as created by Pigeon and Chim. This is a working list, updated with new ideas for the species as a whole. Your Ailidae does not have to exist in the Ailidae universe! You're welcome to use them in any other way but if you're interested in the lore of the canonical Ailidae world, you can find it all here.

The Ailidae World

The story setting of the Ailidae world is that of our modern human world, with the fantasy element of magic added. Their world has various Gods known to us, the outside readers, but not necessarily to the humans or creatures that exist within the fantasy world. These Gods are worshipped in some cultures and are not on the level of popularity as the modern religions of today, but are not quiet or forgotten. The Gods are some like the God of Dreams, the God of Nature, etc. There are fewer and thus have broader titles and roles. 


There is a “darkness” or “demonic entity” featured in the Ailidae world that is abstract and its true identity is unknown. It ranges from the failing of crops and the suffering of towns to driving people mad or driving people to commit atrocious acts. These demonic influences have been around since the birth of life by the God of Creation but grew in power with the rise of humans.



Ailidae were created around the same time as homosapien's evolution, aiming to help aid them in their lives and protect them from the darkness that plagued their minds and bodies. This early creation allowed them to slowly become revered as saviors and idols in some cultures. This idolatry is not as common in the modern setting, but some cultures still consider their presence and help to be something like a gift from the Gods.

Creation & rebirth

Ailidae are reborn through the magic left by those who passed; the strength of an Ailidae pup’s magic depends on the strength of the one whose magic created them. Some pieces of the lost Ailidae can be left behind - antler tips, teeth, small bone fragments - but their magic never disappears. The class of magic, bad or good luck, always transfers through to the new AIlidae. A fallen bad luck Ailidae will always create a new bad luck Ailidae to take its place, keeping the balance of magic in the world.


The magic of Ailidae that die naturally is stronger and lends to the creation of stronger pups. Magic is often dormant, waiting until the ideal time for rebirth. Anomalous Ailidae are often the result of multiple magics tangling into one creation, where one cannot overcome the other.



The only Ailidae capable of creating others themselves are Doom and Rapture - their attempts faltered both times, creating a voided Ailidae and a ruined bestial thing. This was their punishment from the God of Dreams and no attempts have been made since. They do not have any direct descendants apart from Null and Ravage.

Ancient Influence

Doom and Rapture are the only Ailidae in existence to have met and communicated with the God of Dreams. Others have claimed to have experienced this as well, but it's untrue.


Doom and Rapture have been known to communicate or visit Ailidae throughout history. They are still very much present in the world, albeit difficult to locate. Rapture is more likely to appear to other Ailidae, good luck or bad, as Doom tends to lurk and keep far to himself. Doom’s appearance is an immense sign of bad luck and death to come. 



Ailidae who come across them may claim to have gained power or some special attribute, but this is not the case. Their magic is affected in no way other than perhaps emotionally by an interaction. Rapture can leave a very powerful feeling of peace and wholeness while Doom leaves emptiness and misery, sometimes even hatred and violence. Because of their immense power, however, they are the only Ailidae capable of giving or taking magic from other Ailidae. 


Unless it’s purposeful, meeting either of these Ailidae will leave no holy or unholiness with them.

Magical abilities

The capabilities of each Ailidae’s magic vary entirely on an individual basis. Some Ailidae are more in tune with their magic, able to channel whatever abilities and skills they may possess with little effort, while others do not have the same strength. The strength and skill of magic use vary individually and are tied to the magic they were reborn from. Ailidae magic strengthens with age and use.



Ailidae don’t have any magical influence on other nearby Ailidae. Their magical capabilities are their own and rarely affect the magic or power of other Ailidae - the exceptions being Doom and Rapture’s strength allowing them to pull the power or give power to individuals. Because their luck doesn’t innately affect the strength or use of their magic, it doesn’t affect others' either. 


Specific magical abilities vary across the board and have a wide and open range. Some Ailidae have affinities toward certain elements or abilities that allow them to focus their magic there (eg. altering weather, healing, or connecting with nature). There’s little an Ailidae’s magic can’t do, although there are limits to how powerful they can be. No Ailidae other than Doom and Rapture has the power to take or give magic to others or the ability to summon any of the Gods, for example. No Ailidae can alter the state of the world or universe as a whole - they cannot achieve Godlike power.


Some magical skills are only achievable by very powerful or older Ailidae who have had time to master these skills - one of which is possession. Power and control over one’s mind take a lot of power and practice. Ailidae’s magic tends to be strongest when it comes to the mental realm, being creations of the God of Dreams, but again it is largely individual-based. They can go through their entire life without harnessing their magic to affect the mental realm at all.

Doom and Rapture are the only Ailidae strong enough to assume human shapes at their will. This is a skill that has been mastered over centuries and allows them to walk amongst humans in disguise.

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