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When the Earth was created it was a desolate and dreamless land. Barren, burning, and battered with the relentless fires of its core, it struggled to flower more than fearful florae. The Gods, in their distress to foster life on their new creation, gifted the Earth with cooling rains and deep oceans to ease the sweltering volcanoes, magnificent winds and a welcoming atmosphere to foster the final gift: a spark of life. 

When life came, a darkness followed. Demons were wrenched from their rest to plague the new beings through night and day. Upon seeing the distress the darkness wrought on life on Earth, the God of Dreams whisked into the world two guardians to look after all living creatures. They were called the Ailidae Dogs, and were named Night and Day. Their presence brought gifts of good will and prosperity, along with the comfort of their ability to manipulate dreams and protect humankind from the horrors brought by the creatures of darkness. Day cared for life through the bright daytime and Night oversaw life throughout the darkness of night. 

​The Ailidae were revered and considered blessed by those they served. They were often treated as Gods themselves, an ancient gift bestowed upon life to allow it to continue a harmonious existence; they were adorned with the finest jewels and decorative ribbons as symbols of gratitude from those they were tasked to protect. Life flourished, culture swelled around praising the Ailidae for their sacred dreamwalking, and the Earth grew prosperously.

This was so until the darkness corrupted Night. It instilled doubt in the purpose of existence, and soon Night began to fail to see to the duties burdened upon them by creation. They approached Day in a time of concern and spoke carefully to the other Ailidae. 

"I fear we have lost purpose," Night said. "I fear that life has grown too well, has become too perfect. There is a necessary evil that comes with the darkness and its demons." Day did not understand Night's words. The Ailidaes' concerns betrayed the benevolent nature of their creation, and thus corrupted him from the moment the curiosity with darkness began. Night's power began a shift, slowly at first and then rapidly expanding to a deep and deadly evil. The happenings of the other Ailidae to complete their protection concerned Day, and the Ailidae sought the advice of the God of Dreams. 

"Night is fallen. The corruption has spread to their very core. They must be destroyed." Day said.  "They endanger the very cause of our creation."

"The two are merely the same, Night and Day," Spoke the God of Dreams. "When it is day, the moon is not gone, merely hidden, such as when it is night, the shadows remain." And as the God spoke this Day understood the significance of their co-existence and sacrificed some of their own power to keep Night alive, though restricted. 

"As there cannot be good without evil, there cannot be the day without the night." ​And so became the first two Ailidae of separate qualities:

Good Luck and Bad.

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