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Where They Were

Ailidae Dogs are a fictional closed species of canine created in 2014 by C-Chimera, co-owned and developed by Onlyhalfpigeon. They possess magical powers of good and bad luck, as well as the ability to manipulate the dreams of those around them.

Ailidae Dogs are a personal project for Pigeon and Chim, and are an ever-growing species. New lore and content is produced frequently, from breed updates to genetic mutations and more. 

Where They've Gone

This site is an information hub and master list of all Ailidae Dogs in creation, maintained and updated by Pigeon. Any and all information on the Ailidae Dog history and breed specifics can be found here. Good luck or Bad, they all live here. 

Find answers to common questions asked on our FAQ page, and if you still find yourself confused feel free to reach out via the link below. 

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